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Services and Classes

I offer private and corporate classes designed to the specific level and needs of the individual or group.                           

The classes can be of Breathwork, Hatha Yoga ( that is a more gentle and traditional practice ) or Vinyasa flow that are more energizing and physically demanding.   


I also teach regular classes for Virgin active and Fitness first  on the following days......


                             Mondays      7 pm          Vinyasa flow at Fitness first in Queens Park centre


                             Thursdays   10.45am      Vinyasa flow at Virgin active in Notting hill centre     


                             Fridays      6.30pm        Yin yoga at Virgin in Notting hill centre

                             Sundays    11am         Vinyasa flow at Fitness first in Queens Park centre

                One to one
The perfect session to get complete assistance, refine your alignment, technique and get the most out of
your session.

              Group session

Ideal session for small group of friends, co workers, family members etc....


          Online session

This option may be ideal for anyone unable to attend in person for any reasons.

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