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My name is Paolo Bassi and i am a qualified Breathwork instructor and Yoga teacher currently based in London. I started practicing Yoga many years ago in a desperate attempt to recover from a combination of injuries that unable me to practice any kind of sport activities for a while.                      At that time I didn’t have any ideas of what a yoga class was going to be but I thought it was going to be something “easy ” It couldn’t have been more different and challenging from what I was expecting.                                                                      This is how my Yoga journey started and although Yoga helped immensely in dealing with these physical conditions I found out very soon that Yoga offers much more than physical wellbeing but it is indeed a system that involve an inclusion of all aspects of life.                                                                     Yoga helps bring the body, mind, breath, wisdom, spirit into harmony.                                                          So In a very short time I fell in love with this system / discipline and fully committed to deepen my practice and personal awareness.                                  After a few years of regular practice I then enrolled and graduate in a teacher training course and soon later in a Pranayama Breathwork teaching course as well ( also as a commitment to personal development I am in possession of a certificate in Anatomy, Yin yoga teaching certificate, Meditation, Advanced Vinyasa sequencing, Yoga Philosophy Certificate and a diploma in Tantra yoga " all qualifications available on requestTeaching was therefore a natural progression in my Yoga journey path as I feel passionate in sharing the gift of Yoga and the hope to affect and impact for the better the life of others.  Finally I would like be very grateful to all my teachers that are spreading this amazing practice, which has the potential to offer a life changing experience and to make this world a better place.      Their knowledge, passion, attitude, patience, commitment is a gift, and a source of inspiration. 


Special thanks to my first teachers Antonia Pantazatou and Angelica Vasquez and those who followed later,  to name only a few.... Michael Bijker, Claudia Dossena, Mia Togo, Jessica Stewart, Emi Tull, Paul Jerrard, David Kiel.        

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